Best Kitesurfing Beaches of North Sardinia

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With a staggering 2000 kilometers of coastline, Sardinia is one of the windier regions of Italy and a true mecca for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts, both beginner and advanced. As Sardinia has four main winds depending on the time of year, the best kitesurfing beaches are scattered around the island. Here’s our overview of some of the best kitesurfing beaches of Sardinia.

Best Kitesurfing Beaches of Sardinia – Porto Pollo
Porto Pollo beach, located in the comune of Palau in north Sardinia, offers some of the best kitesurfing opportunities Sardinia has to offer. This long beach with a length of over 3 kilometers is located in one of the windiest spots in Sardinia thanks to the proximity of Corsica. Porto Pollo beach consists of a windsurfing and a kitesurfing zone seperated by a sandy beach where you can choose to surf in safer conditions or be more adventurous and surf on wilder waves. Overall, the waters are warm here, so you might not even need a wetsuit. According to wind statistics, the best months to go are June, July and August when chances of kitable winds are approximately 70%. Porto Pollo beach features several kitesurfing schools where windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons can be arranged.

Best Kitesurfing Beaches of Sardinia – Badesi
Badesi is a small municipality in the province of Olbia-Tempio in Sardinia, located about 200 kilometres north of Cagliari and about 50 kilometres west of Olbia. The beaches of Badesi are breathtakingly beautiful. They are all located on a very long white beach that stretches for several kilometers, intersected by the River Coghinas, one of the most important in Sardinia. Being exposed to the Mistral wind, the splendid beaches of Badesi are a great place for windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand up paddling fans all year round. Their place on our list of Best Kitesurfing Beaches of Sardinia is well-deserved! All of the beaches of Badesi face north-west, overlooking the bright blue waters of the Golfo dell’Asinara and on clear days you can even see Corsica in the far distance to the north.


Best Kitesurfing Beaches of Sardinia – La Cinta
Drive to San Teodoro, just 30 minutes from Olbia, and you’ll likely see some kites up on La Cinta beach, another popular water sports beach. It’s a lovely long and white sandy beach with a length of over 3 kilometers. This is usually a good location for winds blowing in a north or south-west direction. The village of San Teodoro is very nice and offers several good restaurants and pubs. In the center of the village you’ll find the Hard Core Surf Shop & Kite School where kitesurfing and sup lessons can be arranged and equipment can be rented. La Cinta beach faces east, offering stunning views of the Capo Coda Cavallo promontory to the north and Isola Tavolara rising behind it. 

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