Sole24 Orenel its anniversary relationship dedicatedto the quality of the life in the 107 Italianprovinces, to win has been the province ofRavenna, in front of Trento and Modena.Rewarding it has been above all the quality ofthe services, the good possibilities tied tomaking transactions and finding job, thepossession a young population (with the bestrelationship between under 15 and over 64, 121against 87).

After little days, in 2013, from the article of the authoritative English daily paper Sunday Times that advised the Sardinia for a vacation in family, has entered the field the more famous daily paper of the world, the New York Times that dedicates to a wide reportage at the market real estate Sardinian advising to its million readers to invest in the island. In the address book signed from Peter Sigal and entitled “to hunting of houses in…” the American head chooses to dedicate exclusively to the island, tracing a map of the better zones in order to look for house and indicating some solutions adapted to the more demanding: “The more prestigious zone of the Sardinia is without a doubt Costa Smeralda

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