The sea of ​​Sardinia is famous all over the world for its clear and crystalline waters, ideal for any type of diving and those who do diving know it well. Every corner of the Sardinian coast is in fact a unique place, where immersing yourself becomes an unmissable and incredible experience.

All you need, in addition to the passion for underwater activities, is a diving suit and a camera to capture the wonderful backdrops, the colorful fish and crustaceans and even the red corals with their inlays illuminated by the sun's rays that penetrate in the water in depth.

One of the most beautiful scenery for scuba diving in Sardinia is the famous Portone di Capofigari, in Golfo Aranci. The name is already a whole program! In fact, this "door" gives access to a tunnel that extends up to a hundred meters underwater and leads to Dromia, a room full of bright and surprising colors created by the effects of light that infiltrates the slits on the rocks. A tip for the most experienced and expert divers: go down to 35 meters to see an ancient Byzantine anchor intact and in excellent condition between lobster and ceriantus. A show! Not far from there is the cave of Satan, which in spite of the name, has nothing to scare you, but that will surely leave you breathless. This 12 meters submerged cave is covered entirely with sponges and yellow Leptosamnia and during the descent you can meet in the rocky ravines, gronchi, moray eels, octopus and very nice colored seahorses.

Move along the eastern coast of Sardinia for a dip where the water is bluer, for breathtaking water landscapes that you will carry in your heart for the rest of your life. In Santa Teresa di Gallura, there is the Secca of Porto Leccio that has nothing to envy to the tropical backdrops we so much daydream. Posidonia, which populates the stranger most superficial of the sea, leaves space to the red coral very alive in an explosion of shapes and colors that nestle on the walls of the dry with peaks submerged up to 3 meters deep